Ticklig Natli


Written by shay Published on Friday, 15 January 2010 17:34 Last updated on Tuesday, 19 January 2010 17:24

Tickling Natali

natali is rotem's girlfriend.

one they all of my friends went to a pub i i joined them.

i think it was the 3rd time that i saw natali.

rotem and natali was friends for 3 months i think.

so after a few drinks, i decided to ask rotem if he can ask natali is she want to join our tickling community.

rotem told me that if i want i can ask her myself. so i did.

natali told me that it sounds like fun and that she would love to do it.

the they has come, and rotem and natali came to mu house to start shooting.

rotem started to tickle natali, but i saw that he isn't very good at it so i decided to step in.

natali is ticklish all over her body, and mostly on her pits.

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