Tickling Lena


Written by shay Published on Friday, 18 March 2016 17:23

Tickling productions proud to present - LENA !
as you know by know we have frequent flow of ticklish ladies from a Ukrainian university !
its now Lena's turn to get tied down and tickled.
in this shooting, i have decided to create only 1 part.
this 15+ minutes clip was taken almost in one shot.

Tickling LENA The only part in the world - clip is 15:11 min long -
when we first saw this lovely 20yo blond student we knew that we just have to tickle her.
we tied her to the bed and just watched how adeline works her magic on this poor student.
at some point, i had to join the party and give her a little bit of my magic :)
Lena is defently not one of our most ticklish girls but i just love her reactions !
Lena was tickled on her upper body, feet, belly and sides.
Enjoy the extra long preview.

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