birthday free clip


Written by shay Published on Friday, 21 September 2012 21:04 Last updated on Friday, 21 September 2012 21:30

Hay friends!
Today is my birthday!
Since I don't think that I will get any presents from you,
I decided to give you all a gift!
So what can I give you?
Well, I didn't really know if to buy a watch, TV, DVD or a vacation in Israel.
And then, I remember what is the one thing we all like.... wait for it........
So, for my 28's birthday, I'm proud to give you TICLING Yullya PART 4!
Great clip in my opinion.... Yullya is pretty and ticklish.
So enjoy this free clip, all you need to say (if you like) is MAZAL TOV!

Tickling Yullya !
Yullya is a friend of liron ( the boy )
yullya have the cutest laugh and an amazing body.
yullya was tickled all over her little body by me and liron.
You just couldn't stand her laugh it is so cute!
When my hands started to slide to her armpits she started to get crazy!
Her cute laugh went on and on and the she stated to make this cute snoring sounds HE HE ;)
yullia was ticklish all over her body.

I Can't Move My Hands I'm So Weak. Yulia Part -4-
I think this is funny yulia's hands are only wrapped one to the other but if she had the power she could move them and stop the tickling.
Too bad that she was so wasted from the tickling and couldn't move :)
right click and save as if you want to download the clip. click here