tickle therapy


Written by shay Published on Saturday, 15 September 2012 00:12 Last updated on Saturday, 15 September 2012 01:01

Tickle therapy - 4 girl's treatment - CLIPS IS 9:30 MIN LONG ! -
This is a custom video requested buy one of our customers.
In this clip you can see reut as doctor treating her poor patient with a new way of treating.
This clip was filmed in HEBREW because it was part of the request.
Our extremely ticklish new girl named meril tells her friends that she feels really bad.
Her body each and her head hurts.
Her friend then tells her that she heard on a new treatment to help her.
They come to the doctor's office (reut).
Reut ask meril friends to hold her down for the treatment and keep telling her that it's for her own good.
Meril friends struggle to hold her in place while reut treats her sickness.
They all wear masks because this is very contagious diseases:).
Meril gets tickled on her belly, neck, sides and armpits until she gets cured.
There will be more from these 4 great girls.
Stay tuned.

- CLIPS IS 9:30 MIN LONG ! -

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